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Whitetail Deer Book

Introducing, "The RunAround"
The First Release from Our New Print Series
"The Great Escape"

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"The Run Around"
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It has happened to us all, you decide to try something new on a slow morning, a little antler rattling in this case...and you forget to look behind you. And suddenly out of no where, there he is, the buck of a lifetime, and nothing but tails waiving goodbye! You never even get your bow up. Better luck next time buddy!

"The Great Escape Series will include four prints, The Run Around, Under A Buck, Over the Top and one additional scene, yet to be named. These additional prints in the series will be released over the next two years.

Print Only - $24.95 each
(Plus S&H, $6.00/Order)

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The Run Around,
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Also Available The Whitetail Super Bucks "Super Six Series"

The Six Pack
The Snow Pack

Above and Beyond

The Swamp Pack

by Digital Artist George Barnett

Print Only - $19.95 each
(Plus S&H, $5.00/Order)

Framing is NOT Included. For Illustration ONLY

The Swamp Pack by George Barnett

"The Swamp Pack"
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Framing is NOT Included. For Illustration ONLY

"Above and Beyond"
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Framing is NOT Included. For Illustration ONLY

The Six Pack - The New Print Release from Photographer George Barnett

"The Six Pack"
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Framing is NOT Included. For Illustration ONLY

"The Snow Pack"
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About the Art Work 

The Swamp Pack, Above and Beyond, The Six Pack and The Snow Pack are a Series of Prints, (The Whitetail Super 6 Series) by Digital Artist George Barnett. Each scene is a Digital Composite that includes six huge whitetail bucks previously showcased in George Barnett's outstanding Calendar, the Whitetail Super Bucks.

The first release in this series, The Six Pack, is a panoramic scene composited from over 90 images. Over 300 hours went into producing this art work, which is illustrated in totally seamless, stunning detail. Each outstanding buck was hand selected for inclusion in the print. They range in size from 230 to 280 gross B&C inches.

The Snow Pack, the second release in the series, is a beautiful winter scene featuring six magnificent bucks scoring between 220 and 275 gross B&C inches. This artwork contains over 70 images and took over 200 hours to complete. The snowy morning is punctated by beautiful fall colors still remaining in the trees.

Above and Beyond is the third release in the series and features 6 huge bucks entering a grain field, with two of the bucks captured in mid-air jumping a split rail fence. The bucks in this print range from 195 B&C Typical to 295 B&C Non-Typical. The cover for the 2013 Whitetail Super Bucks Calendar is an excerpt from this print.

Each peice of art is printed on very high quality paper and is not a Poster! The work is intended for framing (frame not included with purchase) and will look faboulous in your office, living room or even the hunting cabin. The finished size of the paper is 39.75 x 16.5 inches and the printed artwork is 37 x 13 giving the customer several different framing options. Each print also features a digital remarque created from the print.

The First Three Editions of the Whitetail Super Bucks Super 6 Print Series, Above and Beyond, The Six Pack and The Snow Pack by Digital Artist George Barnett are now available for purchase. Include Above and Beyond, The Six Pack and The Snow Pack on your list of must buy items for this Fall and upcoming Christmas season. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Prints are shipped rolled and tubed.

A Limited Edition of Signed and Numbered Artists Proofs of each print will be available upon request. Call for details if you wish to purchase an Artist Proof of this print. Quantity is limited to 100 prints total.

For a limited time only, you may purchase the book, Whitetail IMAGES: Up Close and Personal, the Whitetail Super Bucks 2017 Calendar, and our new Print Release, The Swamp Pack for only $45.95. This offer applies only to products purchased through Georgebarnettphoto.com, or, direct mail order from George Barnett Photography. Purchases from other vendors will not be eligable for this special pricing offer. Click Here for Details on the Special Offer

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