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Knives by George Barnett

The Signature Series

For the Sportsman Who Thought He Had Everything!

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The Signature Series Knives feature the all new Stonewood Handles made Exclusively by George Barnett. These handles are constructed from the exact same stone used to make the blade. The stone is hand knapped and then bonded to the wood through a process that requires 3 different glues. The handle workmanship is gauranteed for the life of the knife.

Signature Series Knife with Cedar and
Antler Base with Turquoise Running Buck Inlay

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The Whitetail Super Bucks Series

The Whitetail Super Bucks Series features inlayed wood and antler handles created from George Barnett's Photography. George's knives all come with modern handles crafted in his workshop. The Knife blades are hand knapped from a variety of natural materials including obsidian, agate, flint, chert, petrified wood and jasper.

The Inlays for these knives are either turquoise or an African opal material mixed with red jasper. The scenes presented on the knives are all from George Barnett's photography and feature many of the famous "Super Bucks" featured in his calendar. Other species of game animals are also used in the inlays including Elk, Grizzly Bear and some African Game.

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